Welcome to a recipe blog with as little nonsense as possible!

Here you'll find the best kind of recipes without having to read 3 books-worth of stories, prolonged instructions and so on.

The downside is - it's not for complete noobs to follow.


Most of the recipes will have a very quick how-to video. And by quick I mean mostly sub 1 minute.

Tortilla roll-ups filled with ham and cheese.

🕒 25 min.
🍽 4

In a skillet, cook delicious tortilla roll-ups filled with ham and cheese. Ingredients: Instructions: The tortilla roll-ups filled with ham and cheese are ready, enjoy!

Ground pork & tomato soup

Ground pork and tomato soup image
🕒 35 min.
🍽 4

For the day when you just want some soup – thick, fresh tomato soup with ground pork and pasta.

“Hawaiian” macaroni with pineapple, ham and cheese

🕒 20 min.
🍽 4

A quick, tasty and hearty Sunday dinner in just 20 minutes – macaroni with pineapple, ham and cheese. You will like it if you like pasta dishes and feel sympathy for “Hawaiian” pizza.

Puff pastry rolls with ham and cheese

🕒 30 min.
🍽 4-6

A little scary, but very tasty and easy to prepare, puff pastry rolls with ham and cheese. When making these rolls, I used two different flavors of aged cheese – with basil and tomatoes.

Sweet and sour chicken, recipe.

🕒 50 min.
🍽 4

This recipe is a little different. Why?.. Well, once I started preparing the dish, I noticed that the honey had been eaten already, so I decided to replace it with sugar. And I can say that it was really very tasty.

Zucchini slices with cheese, recipe.

🕒 18 min.
🍽 2

Zucchini slices with cheese are easy to prepare and very tasty. I like to eat them alone, and the kids eat them like pancakes with sour cream. If you like it saltier, add a pinch of salt while cooking, and if you want a more savory taste, press in a clove of garlic.